Embroidery digitizing is an art that requires a lot of practice to master. There are three types of knowledge that a digitizer must pursue to do their best work. One is software, but two other categories are also essential – the knowledge of embroidery machines and the knowledge of how thread behaves when stitched with specific needles and fabrics.

If you’re an established print shop looking to add embroidery services, learning the skills in-house is an option that can give you a competitive edge. But if you’re taking on embroidery jobs from other businesses that don’t have their own equipment, outsourcing can be an easier path.

To find the best embroidery software for you, consider your budget and computer specs. There are modular programs that allow you to start with the basics and then upgrade to more advanced options. For example, Embird has four main “plug-in modules” that add features like photo-stitch and cross-stitch to the Basic Program.

The Art and Precision of Embroidery Digitizing: A Deep Dive

Once you’ve selected a software package, be sure to check its compatibility with your embroidery machine. There are free demos available, and many programs come with a 30-day trial. Additionally, some embroidery machine manufacturers offer their own digitizing programs. Janome’s embroidery software, for instance, has a free basic tier and two higher-priced tiers.

Another important consideration is whether the software includes manual digitizing. This is important because it allows you to edit and resequence designs and create files for different embroidery formats. For example, a logo that looks great on a business card may not sew well on a hat.


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