exercise clothes for women

When it comes to exercise clothes for women finding the right fit is key. No one wants to spend workout time fiddling with a waistband that’s digging in or tugging at strappy sports bra straps that just won’t stay put. But it doesn’t have to be like that, especially with the wide array of women’s fitness gear available.

From big sneaker brands with dedicated active lines to women-only boutiques to retailers that have a workout collection in addition to their regular apparel, there’s no shortage of options for a comfy, functional look. In fact, the market is flooded with so many options—from budget-friendly brands like Champion to premium-priced Lululemon—that it’s worth taking your time and shopping around to find the best exercise clothes for you.

Fit and Fabulous: Trendy Gym Clothing for Women’s Active Lifestyle

For a tight fit that keeps you supported without chafing, try UK-based Gymshark’s second-skin silhouettes. The brand has become a go-to of TikTok stars, Instagram fit-fluencers and celebrities alike (Alessandra Ambrosio, Gabrielle Union and Hailey Baldwin are fans), so you’ll definitely be in good company while working up a sweat in its coveted leggings and crop tops.

Another female-founded brand that’s making a name for itself with its thoughtful design is Girlfriend Collective. The line is known for its buttery-soft fabrics, flattering silhouettes and performance features such as flat-lock seams that prevent chafing and Superhero Fit, which uses high-performance fabric to create a compression-like feel. Also, it offers a full range of sizes (0 to 20) so that you can find the perfect pair of leggings or yoga pants that fit and flatter.


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