There are a lot of moving parts that make up your forklift parts. Having a clear understanding of how each component works, its purpose, and when to replace it can help you maximize the lifespan of your lift truck. Gentle operating practices and regular lubrication offset wear and tear, but even with a solid maintenance program some forklift parts will require replacement at some point.

The mast, or boom, of your forklift is what lifts and lowers the load. Different types of masts lift loads to different heights. The forks (also known as tynes) are the forklift prongs that are attached to the carriage and support the load from the base. They come in a variety of breadths and can be adjusted on the carriage.

The Essential Guide to Understanding Forklift Parts: A Comprehensive Overview

Your forklift’s steering wheels (also called tires) are located at the back of the vehicle and are used when maneuvering in corners. The drive steer tires are found in the front and remain fixed in a position as they do not turn on a radius like the steer tires.

Some forklifts are designed with an overhead guard to prevent large objects from falling onto the driver. However, this type of protection is only in the form of a great design and does not prevent smaller substances from falling at greater heights. To boost safety, a sheet of steel or heavy-duty clear plastic can be added to the overhead guard.

Ask the forklift dealer if they’re willing to work on your particular model of equipment before you buy it. It can be difficult for mechanics to keep spare parts in stock for equipment that is rarely purchased. Keeping your forklift in good working order is important to your workplace safety and efficiency.


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