polyurea bund lining

GLS Specialist polyurea bund lining coating is resistant to a wide range of chemicals including Potassium Hydroxide and Hydrochloric acid. It has been used for lining of chemical storage bunds at the Karratha Airport, a BGC Aviation fuel depot in the North West of Australia. The lining was applied over a geotextile fabric to the earth floor and termination points on the bund concrete walls and plinths were made good with a damp tolerant epoxy primer. 2000 microns of pure polyurea was then applied to the geotextile and 100mm up the wall and plinths. The chemical lining was finished with a safety yellow cove detail to isolate the bund wall/floor interface for movement purposes.

Sealing Success: Understanding the Advantages of Polyurea Bund Lining Solutions

Different types of bund lining have been installed in different ways, with the most common being a fibreglass lining which is ideal for new build chemical bunds and can also be added to existing masonry-based substrates. The downside of this is that it doesn’t have the excellent chemical resistance offered by a GRP chemical-resistant bund liner, and it is not as good at handling physical damage like a normal epoxy resin.

Another option is an epoxy coating, which is much harder than polyurethane and can be brushed or troweled to a smooth surface. It is generally better at absorbing and holding chemical liquids, and can be brushed or troweled with a coarser aggregate for added slip resistance. However, it can be difficult to repair or clean due to its hard nature, and does not offer the same flexibility as a polyurethane.


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