Whether you’re moving furniture or large equipment, heavy duty swivel casters are the solution. They are easy to maneuver and they help reduce the risk of injury to workers moving heavy objects. These casters are also durable and non-marring. They are often used in warehouses and distribution centers.

What type of casters are best for concrete?

Swivel casters heavy duty come in various designs and materials. They are made from steel and are highly durable. Some features include a hardened double ball raceway for smooth swivel action, a heavy central king pin, and a dust-proof nylon seal. They also have grease fittings for easy maintenance.

Heavy duty casters are ideal for heavy equipment and are used in warehouses and distribution centers. They are also commonly used in factories and assembly lines. They are also used in semi-live skid carts. They can support several thousand pounds. They are also available in brake casters. These casters have brake mechanisms to lock them and allow them to un-lock when moving equipment.

The Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) Series has all new swivel technology. These casters feature a larger top plate, slotted holes, new dies, and tooling. They are also available in a new bolt pattern. They are also available in three different load capacities. They are the most rugged in their class.

Heavy duty casters are also available in rigid and brake models. Rigid models feature a continuous welded inside and outside to a 1/2″ thick mounting plate. The wheel is reinforced with 3/8″ x 5″ plate steel legs. They also have a zinc plated finish. These heavy duty casters can support 4,000 lbs.


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