The information offered in the natural environment is usually employed in the creation of works of art. You will find 3 primary sources in nature which artists depend on for the construction of various artefacts. The energy sources are I) Plant Source ii) Animal Source. Natural Environment
iii) Mineral Source

Plant Source

This’s the materials from plants and also the trees in the planet. Virtually all the components of a plant or perhaps tree is utilised for the creation of functional artefacts. For example, the foliage of several plant species such as the palm tree could be utilized in creating interesting short-lived caps for joyous events. The palm fronds or perhaps limbs may be split and woven into other forms and baskets of receptacles for any storage and upkeep of personal belongings and farm produce. The trunks of plant species as Sese, Mahogany, Sapele, Asanfena, Others and Wawa may be used for carving gorgeous as well as functional sculptural figures. How about the seeds from these plants? They are okay to be stringed using a thread and utilized for creating different beads for body adornment. The form, textures and shape of the trees were and therefore are effective sources of concept development for both present and past artists. The harmonies within the colours of flowers are mimicked by designers of bundles along with other visual communication programs as their colour systems.

Pet Source

This describes the materials obtained from animals. Paramount among them would be the skins, kips and hides of both large and small animals that are recommended for creating leather through the tanning operation. The natural leather components could be utilized in creating countless articles like hats, table mats, furniture, lampshades, belts, jackets, wall hangings etc. The feathers and furs of some birds and mammals are utilized in creating bristles of brushes. A few are utilized in creating quills because of the writing of calligraphy while others are colored in gorgeous colors and utilized in making brooches along with other facial accessories in clothes.

Historic Art (permaculture sculpture forum at permies)

The ivory and bones of some animal species could be carved into fascinating articles and figures. A few are utilized for creating musical instruments as horns that produce good audio for entertainment purposes. The fat of several of these animals can be used in creating binders for paints and quite often glue. The tooth of certain animals may be used in other styles and producing pendants of jewellery for the adornment of the entire body.

Mineral Source

This describes the materials from the ground or even concealed in the full caverns of the planet. They include precious metals as gold, bronze, silver, bauxite etc. these precious metals are cast into gorgeous sculptural figures. Others are utilized in producing other forms and medals of jewellery. Other precious and semi precious stones as stone, turquoise as well as others can also be utilized by artists specifically jewellers in producing jewellery, crests, and brooches of all types.

Furthermore, the pottery as well as ceramic substances like clay, plaster of Paris, cement, glazes along with other important chemical substances are from the nutrients on the planet. Vases, tiles, pots and wares of several colours and shapes are made by artists as an outcome of the resources learned from the mineral energy sources of the planet.


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