should i shake kombucha

Ultimately, should i shake should i shake kombucha is up to you. However, shaking can throw off the balance of the yeast and bacteria that make up kombucha and affect the flavor, taste, and level of carbonation. It can also increase the risk of mold growth and make it more difficult to enjoy your kombucha in its optimal form. We recommend skipping the shaking and letting your kombucha ferment in a dark, cool place without any unnecessary jostling. You can gently tilt or stir the kombucha to mix in any sediment that may have settled, but otherwise just let it ferment as it should.

Bubbling Secrets: Why Shaking Kombucha Might Not Be the Best Idea

Depending on the type of tea used, and how it’s prepared, some kombucha flavors are more fizzy than others. The sugar content of the tea will impact how bubbly your kombucha is, as the yeast digests the glucose and produces carbon dioxide. We find that using black tea is most reliable in producing a bubbly kombucha, but the final result depends on your brewing style.

The level of carbonation in a bottle can also be impacted by how much fruit or vegetables are added, and when. We find that using a combination of sweet and sour ingredients (like blueberries and strawberries, or mangos and lemon) creates a more carbonated kombucha than adding just a few ripe strawberries to the jar. This is because the sweeter ingredients encourage more yeast activity, and the acidity of the sour ingredient helps to slow down the fermentation process.


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