Yoga is more than physical exercise, it’s a spiritual practice that helps us grow in self-knowledge and awareness. The symbols and metaphors that we associate with each yoga posture carry deep meanings, and they can help to keep the practice fresh and meaningful over the years.

What is yoga posture?

The tadasana (mountain pose) is a foundational posture that can be done anytime during a posture de yoga session. Practicing it often allows you to see how your body is positioned and what areas need attention. For example, a habit of favoring one leg over the other, drooped shoulders, and tightness in the upper or lower back are common issues that can be pointed out by regular repetition of this posture. The tadasana also strengthens the legs and the arms, and it promotes a sense of calm and concentration.

To start, sit on your front thigh with the knees bent. If your back foot can’t reach the floor, use a pillow or a rolled-up towel to pad the ground where you’ll be sitting. If you’re a senior or a person who just got off a long run, this pose may not be the best choice for you since it can put too much pressure on the knees and ankles.

Stand with your feet wide, hip-width apart, and bend the knees. Then, shift your weight into the back leg and raise it off the ground. If you’re able to, reach your hands to the ground or toward the sky to lengthen the side of the body. This balancing posture strengthens the legs and inner thighs, opens the chest and stretches the hamstrings.


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