Vanquis Bank is one of the first credit card providers to focus on credit cards for people with bad credit. They also offer loans for customers who need help rebuilding their credit. The bank is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and is regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Check this out

Is 20% interest high for a credit card?

Using a Vanquis credit card is easy. You can apply online or through the mobile app. Once you are approved, you will be given a credit limit that you can use.

To ensure you keep within your credit limit, you will need to pay on time. You can also set up text alerts so you will be informed of payments due. If you miss a payment, your credit score will suffer.

Credit limits on Vanquis cards start at low levels and can increase over time. However, if you use your cards for purchases you will not be able to use them for cash advances. Also, you will have to pay a foreign exchange fee. This is equivalent to 3% of the value of the currency you are buying.

You can use your Vanquis credit card anywhere that a Visa sign is displayed. These cards are also useful for paying in at Post Offices and ATMs around the world.

As with any other credit card, you must make sure you keep up with your repayments. A late payment can affect your credit rating and result in a default fee.

When you apply for a Vanquis credit card, you will be required to submit a variety of details. You will need to confirm your identity and address. You will also have to undergo a credit reference check. Your Vanquis account manager will then provide you with a decision on your application.


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