insulation removal near me

When home insulation is replaced, it will stop your house from losing energy to the outdoors, keeping your heating and cooling costs low. It will also reduce drafty areas and make your house more comfortable.

Old insulation can be damaged in many ways, including pest infestations or rodent feces, water damage, or age. If this is the case, it should be removed and replaced. Damaged insulation loses its effectiveness and can cause drafts, moisture problems, or even mold growth. Read more

You might think it would be simple to just add new insulation on top of the existing one, but it is not that easy and it can be dangerous. If the old insulation is contaminated with mold, mildew or animal waste it can be spread around your house as it is moved. It may also pose a health and safety risk for your family.

Blown In Insulation Removal

Our blown in insulation removal service involves using a custom-designed, high-powered vacuum that is connected to a long hose. The old insulation is then suctioned up and collected in a large-volume filter bag that is specifically designed to collect the material. The material is then placed outside of your home for disposal. This is a much safer and more efficient option than trying to remove it yourself with traditional equipment such as a vacuum cleaner or a ladder.

It is important to hire a professional for your insulation removal because the procedure has specific steps that need to be followed to prevent damage to certain structures in your attic. It is also hazardous to try and remove the insulation yourself because it can be difficult to navigate in the space and you might accidentally step through your ceiling causing significant damage!


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